Anzor Plateau

Anzer Plateau is a plateau in İkizdere district of Rize. The Anzer Plateau is 85 km away from the city center of Rize and it is located at an altitude of 2105 meters to İkizdere district. The Anzer Plateau, also known as Ballıköy, is connected to the Çoruh River and Bayburt on the one hand and to Uzungöl on the other. Since Anzer Plateau is located in a transition region, it also has various cultural features. In addition, Anzer Plateau; It is surrounded by the springs of Meles, Kabahor, Petran and Garzavan. This directly affects the fact that Anzer Plateau is an important tourism center.

The Anzer Plateau, which is the center of the plateau, is located on the outskirts of Kirklargi. The plateau is well developed in terms of accommodation and drinking.

On the Anzer Plateau  Holiday On the Anzer Plateau  Holiday

Individuals who are tired of crowded city life and want to spend a clean time in greenery usually want to relax their souls with Black Sea tours. But where to go during the Black Sea tour? What is the most beautiful plateau of the Black Sea? questions give direction to how to spend time. In this sense, one of the first plateaus you prefer is Anzer Plateau. Although it has become a little crowded with the recent tourism, festivals and the preservation of the naturalness of the local people make Anzer unique. 

To Anzer Plateau  When to Go? To Anzer Plateau  When to Go? 

The Black Sea Region and especially the Anzer Plateau are worth seeing at any time of the year. Even though it is cold in winter, Anzer warms the interior with its environment; It allows you to have cool and cheerful moments during the summer months.

Whether you come to Anzer for tourist or daily purposes, you will never forget your time here. Moreover, when you come here, dont forget to buy Anzer Honey produced by bees placed on the magnificent flowers of the plateau. Anzer Honey, which is well known for many diseases and has a worldwide reputation for its healing effect; It plays the most important role in the name of Anzer Plateau.

From time to time, you will not realize how time flows in this moving plateau of Rize from time to time and you will be full of oxygen.