Çağırankaya Plateau

Rize springs are among the places that made its name both in Turkey and around the world. One of the most natural and unique with significant share of plateau which Rize in Turkeys tourist development and progress are also Çağırankaya sense Plateau.

Çağırankaya Plateau, which is connected to İkizdere, the famous district of Rize with its highlands; It is approximately 35 km away from İkizdere district. This plateau in the eastern part of the district has fresh air thanks to its being about 3200 km above sea level. Çağırankaya Plateau, which gets very crowded at certain times of the year, takes its name from the sound echo due to its steep slope surrounded by rocks and cliffs. Çağırankaya Plateau, which has such a different and unique story, is different than other plateaus.

When you want to spend time in Çağırankaya plateau, you can find opportunities to meet your individual needs. As a matter of fact, the fact that people still live here provided the existence of infrastructure facilities such as electricity and telephone. 

Çağırankaya, which is preferred by many nature lovers for camping, has a grocery store, butcher shop and other shops where you can meet your needs. Especially in Çağırankaya, which is rich in bread, honey and butter, you can meet these demands naturally.

How to get to Çağırankaya

Strolling among the highlands of Rize, surrounded by steep slopes, can be an exciting activity for you. This is indeed the case, but sometimes the weather is severe even during the summer months, so guests who want to visit Çağırankaya Plateau should be prepared. When you want to travel by car or bus on the way to Çağırankaya, where driving is very difficult due to fog and rain, you may not have wide opportunities. However, as an alternative method, you can get help from people who are familiar with regional roads.

You should not say that I went to the Black Sea without seeing Çağırankaya with its nature, the warmth of the local people and the beauty of the unique photographs. This unspoiled paradise of the Black Sea is waiting for you in all its glory.