Cimil Plateau

Cimil Plateau is a plateau with a unique beauty in Rize province of the Black Sea. Cimil Plateau, which is one of the indispensables of the Black Sea plateaus tour, is like a green paradise. Bringing the green of the earth and the blue of the sky together, Cimil Plateau has the beauty to be the subject of postcards. Local people living in Cimil Plateau located in İkizdere district of Rize provide livelihood with beekeeping and animal husbandry. Today, it is possible to state that the number of people living in Cimil Plateau is low. The small number of buildings in the plateau makes Cimil Plateau a popular destination for nature lovers and photographers. There are 3 waterfalls in Cimil Plateau. These are Faso Waterfall, Hostaval Waterfall and Cimil Waterfall. All three waterfalls are on a 10-kilometer road. How is the transportation to the Cimil Plateau, which many people wonder and have a beauty to be the subject of postcards?

How to get to Cimil Plateau

Cimil Plateau is the best option for easy access to the car rental option. The road of Cimil Plateau is the best among the highland roads in the Black Sea. The road of the Black Sea plateaus is generally composed of bends and cobblestone pavements. However, there is a good way to Cimil Plateau. Cimil Plateau is 110 km from Trabzon Airport and 76 km from the center of Rize. There are no direct buses from Rize to Cimil Plateau. You can get to Ikizdere by taking the cars from Rize to Ikizdere and you can go to the remaining 16 kilometers with your rental car.

What to do in Cimil Plateau

The most important thing to do when you go to Cimil Plateau is to taste the red scaly trout. Red scalloped trout is a delicious fish that is kept in the creeks of Cimil Plateau. Another thing that must be done in Cimil Plateau is buying honey. If you are tired of artificial honeys in the city, you can taste and buy these natural honeys.

In the Cimil Plateau you can also find peshtamals from the Black Sea culture. In fact, you can find these loincloths almost everywhere in the Black Sea. You can have these loincloths where single girls in the Black Sea wear light colors and dark colors. You should definitely visit Cimil Plateau which is one of the unique beauties of the Black Sea.