Cimil Waterfall

Black Sea highlands and green nature peculiar place among Turkey's most visible with exquisite waterfalls. In this sense, Rize; It stands out as the most remarkable city of the Black Sea. When you come to Rize Cimil Waterfall is one of the places you must see.

 Cimil Waterfall within the boundaries of Ikizdere district of Rize province; It is known as Cimil Mevkii. Cimil Waterfall, which is approximately 19 km from the center of Ikizdere; It has a wonderful image with its magnificence. Cimil Waterfall, which is a must-see place for almost everyone who comes to Rize, covers an area of approximately 90 hectares. In this sense, you can have a great time in Cimil, which is both a big and magnificent waterfall.

How to get to Cimil Waterfall

 The azure waters that flow through the mountains, which are almost a set between the Black Sea Region and the Central Anatolia Region, lead to the emergence of wonderful waterfalls, while at the same time revealing how generous nature is to human beings. Cimil Waterfall, formed by the waters flowing through the steep rocks, or Akırgel Waterfall, to put it in other words, is located between Soğanlı Mountains and Kaçkar Mountains. Starting from Çapans Hills and flowing in the Cimil Valley, this waterfall offers beautiful opportunities in terms of photography as it flows from an old historical bridge. Travelers who want to see 1703 meters waterfall is enough to reach Cimil Village.

You can spend unique moments in Cimil Waterfall!

Cimil Waterfall, which is one of the waiting places of our country to be discovered, is not known by most individuals. Considering the fact that the number of people who know the waterfall is very small, it may be an advantage that the area is untouched. The deterioration of the nature of many locations in the Black Sea due to crowds prevents peaceful time in these areas. But the situation here is quite different.

 If you want to spend a quiet and peaceful time, you can camp near Cimil Waterfall or spend a short time here and immortalize your moment with photographs. After you come to Cimil Waterfall you can rest assured that you will want to come again. Cimil Waterfall will also help you accumulate unforgettable memories.