Fibromyalgia is a soft tissue rheumatism that makes you feel very tired and sleepless when you wake up, even though you sleep well enough at night. It is often treated by changing people's lifestyle. Fibromyalgia repeats itself with the occurrence of elements such as stress. Fibromyalgia syndrome, also called fatigue and chronic pain syndrome; soft tissue rheumatic pain syndrome such as fatigue in muscles, excessive fatigue, generalized pain and tenderness, morning stiffness. Fibromyalgia syndrome is manifested by hypersensitivity, especially at certain points of the body. Fibromyalgia syndrome is seen in 3% of the population. Fibromyalgia is the second most common disease among rheumatic diseases. What are the causes of fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia Disease  What are the reasons? Fibromyalgia Disease  What are the reasons? Fibromyalgia Disease  What are the reasons? Fibromyalgia Disease  What are the reasons? Fibromyalgia Disease  What are the reasons? 

The causes of fibromalgia can be listed as follows. 

  • Infection: Various previous infections trigger fibromalgia. 
  • Genetic Factors: Genetic factors are among the causes of fibromyalgia. Accordingly, the presence of fibromalgia in family members increases the risk of fibromyalgia appearing. However, the genes associated with the disease in question have not yet been identified. 
  • Trauma: Emotional or physical trauma and stress are among the causes of fibromalgia. In addition, hormonal disorders are one of the symptoms of fibromalgia. 
  • Stress: Stress is actually known as the head of every disease. In this regard, stress is among the causes of fibromalgia. 
  • Personality Structure: Personality structure is among the most important symptoms of fibromalgia. Sensitive builders and perfectionists are among the most important causes of fibromalgia.

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People with fibromalgia should definitely be treated. Otherwise, a serious decrease in the quality of life of the people occurs. Various medications are used to improve the quality of life. Painkillers, antidepressants, antiepileptic drugs are among the drugs used to treat fibromalgia. In addition, thermal water sources are used in the treatment of fibromalgia. It is possible to get rid of all the effects and symptoms of fibromalgia with thermal water resources which are among the benefits of thermal water sources. In this direction, you can come to Ridos Hotel to benefit from the benefits of thermal water resources and fibromalgia disease can completely get rid of the effects and symptoms.