Our Mission

Our Mission;
To follow the innovations and developments in the tourism sector to provide the best service, to provide guests with unforgettable hospitality based on a smiling face.

Our vision;
To be a country-wide brand leader by giving importance to the suggestions of our development-oriented guests.


  • Smiling,
  • sincerity,
  • Hospitality,
  • Quality in service,
  • Applying new ideas and concepts,
  • Guest satisfaction,
  • Leading the industry,
  • Reliability and loyalty,
  • Caring about the requests and suggestions of our guests.

Our purpose will be to make sure that

To preserve our product and service quality at all times and to be a sought-after brand in the sector with innovative ideas.


Ridos Thermal Hotel  Providing an unforgettable and memorable stay at the Spa, Ridos Thermal Hotel  Reflect the spa hospitality and quality.