Ovit Pedestrian

Ovit Plateau is located in İkizdere district of Rize with an altitude of 2400 meters. It is possible to express how unique the Black Sea is and that it has untouched plateaus. Ovit Plateau is one of the highlands that have these beauties. There are approximately 40-50 houses in the Ovit Plateau. Ovit Plateau, which has fewer houses compared to other plateaus, welcomes hundreds of both domestic and foreign tourists during the year. Tourists who come to Ovit Plateau can spend moments with nature and feel the unique atmosphere of untouched nature in their lungs. If you want to go and visit the unique springs of the Black Sea, you can choose Ovit Plateau.

How to get to Ovit Plateau

Ovit Plateau is a plateau located in the province of Rize. This plateau is located in İkizdere district of Rize, 52 km from Rize city center. Ovit Plateau is located in the Zafer neighborhood on the way to Rize İspir. If you are going to Ovit Plateau from any city other than Rize, you should first reach Rize. After providing transportation to Rize, you can get to Ovit Plateau by means of vehicles going to İspir in the city center of Rize. However, you can rent a car from the center of Rize to reach the plateau in a much more convenient way. In addition, you can rent a car in the center of Rize easily.

What to do in Ovit Plateau  ? 

It is possible to state that Ovit Plateau has a unique beauty and it is a unique place for people to relax and listen to themselves. In addition, if you go to Ovit Plateau in August, you may encounter various festivals. These forms are organized by Ekşioğlu Foundation. Within the scope of the festivities, famous people visit Ovit Plateau. If you are planning to visit Ovit Plateau, you should set your travel plan to the date of the festivities. In this way, you can experience unique moments and make your trip a wonderful one.

We talked about the beauty and unique nature of Ovit Plateau, one of the untouched highlands of Rize. If you want to go to one of the magnificent springs of the Black Sea and spend moments with nature, Ovit Plateau is a unique choice.