Petran Plateau

One of the most important plateaus is Petran Plateau. The Petran Plateau, which is approximately 2,200 meters above sea level; It is connected to İkizdere district of Rize. About 28 kilometers from the town center, you can go to this wonderful plateau at any time of the year and enjoy the unique nature.

Petran Plateau, which is located very close to Ayder Plateau; it is unique not only in summer but also in winter with its beauty that fascinates those who see it. Festivals and entertainments especially in winter months are as popular as those in summer.

Petran Plateau  festivals Petran Plateau  festivals 

People known as the Petran Plateau, but in fact this region called Meşeköy, with the contribution of local people, many festivals and entertainment are organized. The practical and unimaginable thinking of the Black Sea people paves the way for the emergence of sometimes funny and sometimes entertaining ideas. One of them is Lazboard which is held in winter. Lazboard is basically a festival that is influenced by snowboarding. The Lazboard event, which provides guidance on an ordinary board with ropes tied to the ends of the boards, is held every year and offers fun moments. If you want to have a fun and unforgettable holiday in winter, you should definitely go to Petran Plateau to participate in Lazboard events.

To Petran Plateau  How to go? To Petran Plateau  How to go?

Petran Plateau; Although it is about 28 km away from İkizdere district, Rize is about 65 km away from the center. For this reason, guests who want to come to Petran should take approximately 1 hour journey. However, if you want to avoid steep roads and natural conditions during your journey, you should make good preparations.

One of the unique beauties that nature offers to human beings is that you will enjoy the fresh air after you come to Petran Plateau and you will see that the plateau that comes to the forefront with its regional features is under your influence. The unique village breakfasts and unique tastes appeal to your taste in Petran, you should also remember that you can take legendary photographs.