We asked all our visitors why they prefer Ridos Hotel. We share with you the most answers.

1- Thermal Water:  Our thermal water is the biggest reason our visitors show, since the thermal water with the most minerals in the world is in the Ridos Hotel. Thermal water with 1 liter / 4542 mineralization is good for many pains and is now recommended by doctors. There are 4 thermal water springs close to these values in the world and one is in Ridos hotel.

2-Natural  : The region where Ridos Hotel is located is among the most preferred reasons because it is intertwined with nature by local and foreign tourists. The natural beauties of İkizdere which is one of the most beautiful districts of Rize and the location of our hotel in this natural wonder region impress our visitors. Our visitors who come to our hotel take nature walks and take lots of photos.

3-Complete:  One of the reasons why Ridos Hotel is preferred is that our hotel is designed completely. Parking, children's playground, cafeteria, billiard room, okey lounge, bar for live music, big restaurant, whirlpool, massage salons, thermal pool for men only (inside), thermal pool for women only (inside) There is a pool where you can enter. There is an active internet network available 24/7 and lots of other features.

4-Smiling Face:  Among the answers given by our visitors, among the reasons for the preference of Ridos Hotel, all our needs were resolved, and the comments we received in the form of help in every issue made us very happy. As Ridos Hotel, we are interested in all kinds of problems of our customers.